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Steering Committee Notes
The BRBC Board voted an approval of the merger, and now the BLTC is an affiliate of the BRBC.

The steering committee is discussing new sponsorships. Stay tuned for further details.

Club SWAG!
Last year we asked who would be interested in getting club jerseys and such. We had a good response then. We will be gathering Club designs soon and will work with the BRBC to put together an order for racing suits for this, or for the next racing season.
With the new direction our club is moving into, we are also negotiating new sponsorships with Desoto Sports and East Coastes Cycling and Fitness. Keep in touch for further developments on this front.

As we move forward with merging with the BRBC, all members will have concurrent membership in the BRBC as well as the BLTC. See the Member Info page for details.

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Clinics and Training
Along with the new training schedule (see right), Fleet Feet, East Coasters, and club members, in conjunction with the YMCA will be offering clinics to help beginners and seaasoned athletes. Clinics will include information on running, biking, swimming, and transitions. Stay tuned for further details.

Training Schedule

Winter is just around the corner and with it comes less opportunities for outdoor training.  We will be gathering the club to discuss new directions for off-season training coming in January.

Meeting Schedule

Stay tuned to the Big Lick email list for times and topics.  The next meeitng will be in January; TBA.