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Big Lick
Big Lick is the original name for Roanoke, VA. We chose it because of the overt sexual overtones, and because we came up with some great visual ideas for our club shirts. With a name like "Big Lick," can you blame us?

How the Club Got Started
In January 1999, four friends, Darci, Wes, Gretchen, and Todd, got together to discuss the lack of an orginized triathlon club in Roanoke. There was a strong community of athletes here, but there was no coherence at that time. Our goal was to establish at central communication center to bring together area traithletes to make available groups workouts, a forum for questions or comments, and provide an entryway into the sport for novices.
Since 1999, we have established a strong, but flexible group of athletes that communicate via our email list, biglicktri@yahoogroups.com, for sharing workouts, rides/rooms at races, and for communication.
We hope that this website will centralize our club further by providing web links to related web pages, showing how much fun we have together through our photo pages, providing a central page of information for general triathlon topics and area races including the Outback Big Lick Triahtlon in September.

Club Organization
The Big Lick Triathlon Club is an affiliate of the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club here in Roanoke, VA. A steering committee directs the activities of the club, but heirachical structure lies in the board of the BRBC. Feel free to check out their website via our links page.